Having walked the earth for millions of years the world’s five remaining rhino
species are headed for extinction in the wild as the result of a recent myth
arising in Vietnam in 2007 that rhino horn is a miracle cure for cancer.
Another myth has since taken hold where the wealthy elite believe
that it rids the body and blood of toxins after a big night out, and
it has now become a desirable social status symbol due to
its extremely high price of around USD80,000 per kg.

The Rhino War is being lost because we keep focusing on
the reactive physical war that has failed to defeat poaching
on the ground, while ignoring the tried and tested proactive
mental war for the hearts and minds of consumers that will…


End the Demand.

Only by ending the consumption of rhino horn will we end the slaughter.

Rhino Horn Demand Reduction

campaigns have worked in several countries between the 1970’s and 90’s

Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Yemen were all once major consumers of rhino horn, but no longer are thanks to the three-step strategy used:

  1. Government-initiated medical research into the efficacy of rhino horn, which found that it had no medicinal benefits whatsoever and was no cure for anything.
  2. This resulted in rhino horn being officially removed from the Traditional Medicine pharmacopoeia of each of these countries by their respective governments.
  3. Government-driven Rhino Horn Demand Reduction (RHDR) campaigns launched and maintained until the consumption was effectively ended.

When driven by governments, Rhino Horn Demand Reduction campaigns have proved to be a massive success in every country they were applied. 

The Vietnamese Government has a responsibility to do the same if we are to win the Rhino War

There is a ‘Silver Bullet’ that will win the Rhino War:

Rhino Horn Demand Reduction

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