SA rhino slaughtered in 2014:

SA rhino killed so far this year:

The Rhino War will not be won in Africa by Africans alone

It will ultimately be won in Asia by Asians themselves - and by the Vietnamese in particular - who will reduce and eventually end the demand for rhino horn consumption at home.

So, what is to be done?

There are two fronts in the Rhino War - both of which must be engaged simultaneously:


The FRONT LINE of the Rhino War is the reactive, physical campaign against poaching on the ground in Africa—where the authorities are constantly reacting to the problem, which is a bit like fighting an opponent with one arm tied behind your back, not knowing where the next blow will strike. It is vital to support this ongoing counter-poaching campaign, which the Rhinose Foundation does by donating half of the proceeds we raise to the South African National Parks Honorary Rangers (SANParks HR’s) to help fund SANParks’ Conservation and Ranger Support Services against poachers on the ground. The problem is that to date most of the efforts and funds raised to fight the Rhino War are channelled to this reactive, physical campaign alone.


BEHIND the FRONT LINE lies our proactive, winning the hearts and minds campaign aimed at the people at the source of the demand for rhino horn in Asia, because only once the demand stops will the killing stop too, so the Rhino Horn Demand Reduction (RHDR) campaign is where the Rhinose Foundation’s own share of the funds raised is channelled to. Working closely with our partner organisation Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV), we are heavily engaged in spreading awareness for RHDR campaign by sponsoring visiting delegations of Vietnamese celebrities, journalists, conservationists and environmental police/customs officials to South Africa to highlight the extent of the Rhino War in Africa.

Our Late Patron - Dr. Ian Player

"As we all know, rhinos are facing a terrible threat and urgent action is required if the tide of poaching is to be prevented from overwhelming the last representatives of these magnificent creatures that have inhabited our planet since the age of the dinosaurs.

I believe the Rhinose Foundation can play an invaluable role in helping combat the ruthless greed that threatens to reverse and even obliterate the admirable work that South Africa and KwaZulu-Natal in particular, have played in helping re-establish rhino populations in our diminishing wild places."

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